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Aug 25, 2013 5:00pm PDT
would set the middle east ablaze. president obama is looking at different ways to respond to the crisis. >> bay area soldier set to receive a rare honor bestowed on the bravest service members. tomorrow president obama will award the medal of honor to staff sergeant ty carter of antioch. the army says he was serving in afghanistan in 2009 when he went above the call of duty. he retrieved supplies for soldiers while his company was under attack by more than 200 taliban fighters. sergeant carter will be the fifth living recipient of the medal of honor for actions in iraq or afghanistan. >>> ahead rivalry on the water. get ready for the ultimate sailing grudge match as the u.s. learns its challenger in the quest for the america's cup. >>> taking a peek outside, a little humid out there. leigh glasser will tell us if there's any warming. >>> and more with what's up? >> we'll have more on the fierce winds and the state of department. also too little too late, that message from the u.s. to syria tonight. is the u.s. preparing to take major action now. and would you spend up to 35 grand to att
Aug 9, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. the pilot of the plane is missing and presumed dead. >> president obama says edward snowden is not a patriot. the president told reporters he wants more oversite of the surveillance programs to strike balance between protecting americans safety and their privacy. >> i zront an interest and people of the nsa zront an interest in doing anything other than making sure that where we can prevent a terrorist attack, where we can get information information ahead of time we're able to carry out that critical task. >> mr. obama addressed russia's decision to grant temporary asylum. the president says it's time for president putin to think forward instead of backward. >> through no fault of their own some high school students forced to take advanced placement exams for the second time in three months. a board ruled results were 224 students at mills high were invalid. the board says the students were sitting too close to one another. officials filed a lawsuit to allow the first results to stanld. several said they didn't feel they did as well the second time. >> skb sturd yents at 250 state schools u
Aug 11, 2013 5:00pm PDT
there's talk of making dragon boat racing an olympic sport. >> president obama is beginning a week-long vacation on marring- and invited the press long. he tried to get his second putt to go but no luck. a third putt stubbornly stayed on the lip. forcing the president to tap in. he plans no appearances during his vacation. >> it's coming. when the next iphone is expected to be released. >> a death-defying act. how an acrobat is taking high-wire walking to new heights. >> taking you live outside right now, if you like warmer or cooler weather, the work-week forecast has something for you. that's after the break. now here's david muir with a look at what is ahead on "world news". >> great to see you. coming up, inside the final moments of the massive manhunt. the suspect in the remote woods holding a 16-year-old girl. how they surprised him. protecting your home, your valuables, the spray that safeguards everything you own, and we remember an american voice tonight. she made so many people smile for decades. all of it coming up right here at abc7 news at >> ama: we can see a new ipho
Aug 22, 2013 5:00pm PDT
accusing the mayor of unwanted sexual advances. >> still here president obama's plan to reward college taz keep tuition under control. >> what back to school means if you're a freshman. the range of emotions found during move in day on one campus. >> and eating your fiber and liking it. going in search of the >>> bot y078 line it's an economic imperative.=s every american family should be able to afford to get it. it's tim to stop subsidizing schools that are not producing good results and reward schools that deliver for american students the president promoting a plan plan to make college more ratings system tying taxpayer money. schools will be evaluate bid several criteria. graduation rates and earnings of graduates. the colleges that keep tuition down would see fund going up. >> today was move in day for san francisco state university students said hello to new roommates and goodbye to parents. of wayne? >> today, long lines of cars, everything packed on foot. bedding, parents moving pushing carts and kids, kids trying to get rid of parents. jit l quite the lf the passing time. an expe
Aug 28, 2013 5:00pm PDT
on the medal of citizenship. >> president obama did not shy away from challenges still in the way of fulfilling dr. king's dream. and consumer reports partnered with 7 on your side fr a report on those low-scoring japanese cars. >> this is interesting. japanese car makers take all five top spots in the list whof makes the best cars. those winning companies are lexus, subaru and ak curea. but not all japanese cars earn ak yol yaids at consumer reports test track. consumer reports putting cars through over 50 tests and emergency handles. many score high a surprising number haven't made the grade recently. >> one car disappointed us was this sedan that cost $55,000 but not competitive. >> for $16,000 less consumer reports says the chevolet impala delivers a comfortable ride, handling better. >> another we don't recommend is honda cross tore being. -- torque. >> some small nissans scored too low for consumer reports rec men indications. >> the sen tra is good on gas but noisy inside. front seats are uncomfortable. >> the subcompact nissan versa has draw backs and hasn't proved reliable also doesn't
Aug 29, 2013 5:00pm PDT
to a possible u.s. military strike on syria. president obama is making his case to congress, and we look at the family secrets of the syrian leader. >>> sleeping pills, a wakeup call for americans. a new truth about how many of us are using them and what they do to your body. >>> and behind the headlines tonight, the wife of george zimmerman speaking out, what she says happened the night before trayvon martin was shot.
Aug 4, 2013 5:00pm PDT
nationalist. >> president obama is celebrating his 52nd birthday today. the white house has been hush hush how he is celebrating. we know he reunited with several friends from hawai'i and chicago for a round of golf. the celebration won't last long. the president has a trip to arizona and los angeles this week. >>> and that will do it for us here at 5:00. i'm ama daetz. for lisa argen and mike shumann, we'll be back at 6:00. >>> welcome to "world news." tonight, terror threat. chilling new details the al qaeda plot triggering a global alert for americans. tonight, reports that they are planning, quote, a big strike, and that operatives are right now in place. >>> boardwalk nightmare. a pleasant evening on a beachside boardwalk turns deadly. a driver plowing through the crowds. a bride on her honeymoon left dead. >>> extreme weather. heavy rains and dangerously high waters forcing evacuations. a reported tornado tossing a truck. and enough hail to plow. ginger zee with the outlook tonight. >>> and chicago hope. the basketball league helping gang members get off the street and how little ralph e
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7